About Candleholic Shop Mission. Why Liquor Bottle Candles?

About Candleholic Shop Mission. Why Liquor Bottle Candles?


Candles are an essential part of our lives. Almost ninety percent of all homes use candles; however, not all candles are made equally. Many of the candles in our homes contain toxic ingredients such as paraffin wax-a byproduct of crude oil that is harmful to our environment because, as the paraffin burns, it produces toxic benzene and toluene chemicals known as carcinogens

Candleholic Shop is one of the brands that produce clean candles that are renewable and biodegradable while being completely natural. These sustainable candles burn cleanly and slowly.

Our wax is made from american-grown soy which is odorless and non-toxic. Because soy burns at a cooler temperature it results in a longer-lasting and cleaner candle.

We have a strict emphasis on quality and sustainability; and that's why we have taken this game one step further by making these candles in recycled liquor bottles.

There are two main advantages to this. First, it saves these bottles from ending up in our landfills . And second, it makes for a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Imagine that you could spice up your love life by getting your loved one a thoughtful gift as an aromatic scented candle in a Jack Daniels Whiskey bottle who is a lover of Jack Daniels? Or drink a bottle of champagne on your date, save it and turn it into a champagne bottle candle for another date! What could be a more romantic combination than candlelight and a bottle of wine?

If you think of the best sustainable gift candles, be rest assured that Candleholic Shop is your best bet. We make candles in various wine bottles, as well as liquor bottles such as Jack Daniels, Tito’s, Casamigo, Ace of Spade or one of the many champagne bottles.

These bottles are sourced from local restaurants and bars, helping to keep them out of the waste process's environment. We turn these bottles into uniquely recycled liquor bottle candles and wine bottle candles for you while the labels are kept intact. The bottles are gently cut, well polished into a smooth finish, carefully cleaned and hand filled with the highest grade 100% pure soy wax.
The reason we pay attention to all ingredients, and the processes of creating our candles are carefully screened to ensure that we come up with the best quality for you. We use natural wax and blended oil to make sure the final product is safe and perfect.
We prioritize moderately scented environmentally friendly candles ahead of dyes and fragrance enhancer, which is why we choose fragrances that are free of unhealthy ingredients. While many candles contain phthalate, all our fragrances are phthalate-free.
With that much detail paid into our candles' production, there was no way we could have settled for just any packaging that isn’t considered environmentally friendly. For this reason, we came up with the idea of producing the candles in liquor and wine bottles.

We have tons of various bottles of liquor and wine that you can choose from. No matter your favorite liquor or wine, you can be confident that there is a bottle of a candle for you at Candleholic Shop.

Our liquor bottle candles will give you hours of pleasures and delights from the ambiance it creates, its pleasant atmosphere, and the wonderful fragrance that comes with it. They are also ideal for outdoor use because strong winds will not blow them out making them suitable for a night out at the park.

Liquor bottle candles are thoughtful gifts for your loved ones, for any birthday, wedding, anniversaries, holidays, or just because you feel like giving them a gift. You could even give one to yourself; after all, you deserve the best too. Moreover, labels could be customized to your special occasion.

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