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Tip: How to fix tunneling candle

I am going to upload some articles mostly about some tips and info that might be helpful to use candles properly and safely. 

Today I want to talk about tunneling which you can find quite commonly when you burn the candles.

What you want to see when you burn any type of container candle is for the wax pool to reach all the way to the edge. But sometimes people find the candle burns straight down the middle and not out to the edges⠀

Two of the main reasons are poor quality and too many short burns. In the case of poor quality (hopefully not), it doesn’t necessarily mean that the wax or the fragrance was bad and cheap but most likely the wrong wick was used. ⠀

Sometimes the tunneling effect is caused by too many short burns. If you know you will have to extinguish the candle in an hour or even two, light a smaller one like a votive or tea lights. ⠀

What should we do to fix it if you have already candles that have tunneled? I was frustrated and thought I just burned the candle as much as I can, and never gonna buy any candle from the brand again. But after I know this tip, I could enjoy all the candles no matter how their qualities are.

Here are 2 ways to fix this tunneling effect. 

You can simply remove all of the wax that is higher in the area around the wick. It is easy but sometimes you have to remove quite a lot amount of wax to clean all that up. So I wrap around the candle with some aluminum foil, leaving a small hole in the center for the flame and light the candle for an hour or a little bit more. This will make your candle have a good even wax pool.

Sometimes you have to do both when you have deep tunneling. The foil helps the wax in the edge melts but if you have a lot, the wick is not long enough and sunk under the melt pool so the flame can be distinguished.

One more thing! You have to be careful when removing the foil, it will be really hot!!


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